In 2015, CLiF received a grant from the Canaday Family Charitable Trust to study whether schools that had received a Year of the Book Grant (YOB) were able to sustain their momentum around literacy once the grant ended. CLiF contracted with Evergreen Evaluation and Consulting, Inc.(EEC) to conduct an external evaluation that addressed the following questions:

  • How successful have past CLiF Year of the Book schools been in maintaining their momentum after the initial year is over?
  • What are the greatest obstacles schools encounter when trying to maintain momentum?
  • What lessons can be learned from past schools on ways to maintain sustainability?
  • What would be the impact of CLiF offering a relatively small challenge grant and other forms of professional support in Year 2 to help schools maintain momentum?

Additional research findings are presented in EEC’s infographic

Based on this research, CLiF announced a new sustainability grant for the year after completing Year of the Book. Schools that completed 2021-2022 Year of the Book grants are eligible for $1,000 of program support in 2022-2023. Please fill out the complete this form by October 21, 2022 to receive this additional support to sustain your Year of the Book momentum.

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