Ends on September 13, 2017

In 2015, CLiF received a grant from the Canaday Family Charitable Trust to study whether schools that had received a Year of the Book Grant (YOB) were able to sustain their momentum around literacy once the grant ended. CLiF contracted with Evergreen Evaluation and Consulting, Inc.(EEC) to conduct an external evaluation that addressed the following questions:

  • How successful have past CLiF Year of the Book schools been in maintaining their momentum after the initial year is over?
  • What are the greatest obstacles schools encounter when trying to maintain momentum?
  • What lessons can be learned from past schools on ways to maintain sustainability?
  • What would be the impact of CLiF offering a relatively small challenge grant and other forms of professional support in Year 2 to help schools maintain momentum?
Additional research findings are presented in EEC’s infographic

Based on this research, CLiF announces a new sustainability grant for the year after completing Year of the Book. Schools that completed 2016-2017 Year of the Book grants are eligible for $1,000 of program support in 2017-2018. Please fill out the complete this form by September 13, 2017 to receive this additional support to sustain your Year of the Book momentum.

CLiF will offer 12 Rural Libraries grants (6 in Vermont and 6 in New Hampshire) for the 2017-2018 school year. Applications are due Wednesday, April 5, 2017. Ideal candidates will use the CLiF grant to think energetically, resourcefully, and creatively about getting books to children by collaborating with the local elementary school and community members, encouraging family participation in the public library, and promoting the new collection of books.


  • $2,000 worth of new children’s books for the public library, to be chosen by the public librarian
  • $500 worth of new children’s books for the school library, to be chosen by the school librarian
  • A storytelling and book presentation at the local elementary school for all students PK-6, to be held between September and December.
  • An author or illustrator visit and book giveaway for all the students at the elementary school to be held between April and June. Each student will be able to choose one new book to take home and keep. The public and school librarians will showcase their summer reading programs.
  • Two storytelling presentations, a small on-site library, and two book giveaways for the local child care(s) on the same days as the two presentations at the school. After the storytelling, each child will be able to choose two books to take home and keep, and CLiF will leave behind an on-site library of 15 new books at the child care.
  • $250 grant application to support programming in your library.


  • Public library in Vermont or New Hampshire.
  • Located in a town of 5,000 residents or fewer.
  • Limited budget, libraries with budget of less than $125,000 generally given preference.
  • Demonstrated need for CLiF support.
  • Enthusiasm to partner with the local elementary school and community members.
CLiF requires recipients of teacher mini-grants to fill out a feedback form. This helps us to track your grant and to share your good ideas with other teachers and CLiF program partners. These must be submitted by May 31, 2017. 
Ends on June 1, 2017

Thank you for taking the time to complete this simple feedback form. At CLiF, we continue to adapt and evolve. Central to our improvement is the feedback we receive from program participants. Please share your thoughts on the event, presenter, and program as a whole. We value all feedback and hope you have some anecdotes and quotes to share too. Thank you!